This is our latest collaboration - a promotional video for Women Deliver 2016, the world's largest global conference on the health, rights, and well-being of girls and women.
This explainer video for IBM Security features Tracey's hand-drawn illustrations. I filmed and edited the time-lapse video, and composed and recorded the original music score and sound design.
This is part of a South African campaign from IBM, Novartis and the Chronic Disease Foundation. Tracey drew the text in English, and we secured a native Afrikaans speaker to provide the voice over.
This video resulted from a live drawing event that Tracey did for IBM. We took some key concepts Tracey drew during a live presentation and turned it into this short video, which the client was able to share with attendees after the event.
On this project for an IBM conference in Austin I filmed, produced and edited the video, and created the original music and sound design.
This is a 30 second "Web Ad" we created to advertise Tracey's live drawing/graphic recording services. She draws live, on large whiteboards during speeches, conferences and presentations, which help solidify the key ideas and concepts. Clients of live events often want short videos utilizing some of those ideas as a way to provide entertaining follow ups and social media posts.
IBM - Making money in the cloud.
Another short promo for Tracey. She drew, I filmed, edited, animated - and played drums, of course!